Is it best to use ggbet for CSGO?


Yes, it is an esports betting post today.

I am not going to review ggbet just so guys now so if you want a review, just read it at this place.

Also, if you are looking for a stream you do know that or is the places to go so don't ask please haha!

So, would I use ggbet to bet on Counter-Strike?



Because they have everything I want.

I bet a lot on over/under bets. An O/U bet is when you bet on the match rather than the teams. So for example: Let's say I bet on Over 26.5 Rounds. That means if the match end up at 16-10 I lose, if 16-11 or more I win. Simple as that.

I like this kind of market system because it is easy to analyze. Statistics help a lot here. And it is a lot more predictable.

Why ggbet for O/U

So why are they so good when it comes to over/under bets? Because they have good odds on them. I feel that every time they think Over is more likely I think Under is more likely haha. Which implies that I will get good odds on my bet!

If you want to know more about ggbet just read this. Cuz like I said, this isn't a review.


They do have a lot of other good markets as well, but the O/U thing is basically a deal breaker for me. GGbet are also good at other esports, just look at this article about League of Legends.

IEM Sydney is starting soon! I am so looking forward to that, I think this is the time I am going to win big on esports betting! =)

Good luck and happy hunting to all of you!